Choosing Modules to examine

There are 1000’s of modules spread across hundreds of programmes on our VLE – so how did we choose the particular modules to examine in detail?

  1. Our first criteria was to concentrate on first year modules in an effort to help address challenge of students “transitioning” into third level.
  2. Our second criteria was to look at modules with a relatively high failure rate. The logic behind this was that we could then monitor if our “intervention” would have any affect i.e. did we improve pass rates in a course.
  3. Our third criteria was to choose modules that had the same lecturers over the time period being in question. This was necessary in order to minimise the affect of the “teaching”

With these three criteria in mind we then identified a selection of modules that fit this criteria to use as part of a pilot study. We identified 17 modules in total: 10 in semester one and seven in semester two.