Setting up the Moodle course pages

Upon registration every DCU student has access to all of their modules on Moodle. However for the purpose of this project we wanted students to actively opt in or out of this study. Therefore we limited access to the module content on the module page itself  until they had read the Plain Language Statement and watched the explanatory video. Furthermore we asked the students to complete a survey which gives us some demographic information on the participants. Once these three steps are completed a simple “yes/no” question is asked to the students – do they want to participate in this study. Once they answer, regardless of their choice, the module content to revealed to them.

In Moodle terminology, all of the module content is placed in sections one to ten within the module page.

  • The Plain Language Statement is placed in as a Word document in section zero along with the rest of the aforementioned Predicted content.
  • The PredictEd video is embedded in a Moodle “Page”.
  • The survey is placed in using a Moodle “questionnaire”.
  • The Opt in/out question was created using the “Choice activity” within Moodle. The choice activity is marked as “complete” once their choice is made. Furthermore the activity is left open, allowing a student to change their mind as often as they like throughout the semester.
  • Sections one to ten are set to restrict access with the criteria being that students will not have access to any of the content in any of the sections until they complete the choice activity i.e. opt in/out choice

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